Each spring, Samsung presents brand new Galaxy phone; each fall, Apple (AAPL) counter punches with another iPhone.Right now, we end up in mid-cycle: Samsung has quite recently launched its Galaxy S8, and the iPhone 8 is as yet a late spring endlessly.

The S8 is an excellent phone. It’s an artful equipment; it’s getting rave surveys, and—hello!— up until now, no one’s battery has exploded. It’s additionally so packed with elements, it’s astonishing the thing doesn’t measure 20 pounds. That is the Samsung way!!

Here are some specialized features-

1. The wraparound screen
2. Edge display
3. Video Enhancer
4. Gigabit LTE
5. Iris recognition
6. Face recognition
7. Portrait mode
8. Snapchat-style overlays
9. “Virtual” photos
10. HDR certified
11. Enhanced front-facing camera
12. Bluetooth 5
13. Split screen
14. Bixby voice control
15. Bixby Home
16. Bixby Vision
17. Samsung Health
18. Dex Station
19. Cool gestures
20. Quicker charging
21. “Wireless” pad charger
22. Quicker charging
23. Samsung Pay
24. Always-on screen
25. Smart Unlock
26. Headphone jack
27. Expansion slot

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