Bora-bora island is one of the most beautiful places on the earth, and almost everyone wants to visit there once in their lifetime. The main reason to visit the island for a vacation is complete relaxation and to have a quality time with family. It’s a perfect place for the newlyweds who want to make their first honeymoon most memorable and perfect. If you are adventurous enough to like sports activities, then you would love this place, as this place is well-known for having a lot of activities.

bora bora island

Matira Beach

Matira Beach is one of the main community shorelines in Bora making it exceedingly mainstream with guests. The water is entirely crystal clear, and the sand is delicate and fleece. Matira Beach is additionally peppered with resorts, shops, and diners, so it’s an advantageous place to spend the vast majority of a day. The great extent of white sand and calm turquoise water is one of the best shorelines on the planet.

Matira Beach

This is the only beach which is publicly open and shows a perfect view for sight-seeing. If you love swimming or soaking up the sun, then just choose a place of your choice and enjoy your day!

Mount Otemanu

Mount Otemanu is one of two wiped out volcanoes at the focal point of the island. A trip is a total of waste if you are not going to visit the Mount Otemanu. It is famous for hiking and known as a natural wonder. Also, hiking is not an only option in this mountain as you can do a lot of different activities there likewise, a 4×4 visit, a pontoon visit, a helicopter visit or even some easygoing previews on the shoreline. You can appreciate Mount Otemanu in a wide range of ways.

Mount Otemanu

A trek to Mount Otemanu is best when the sun is sparkling, and the mists are inadequate. So, make sure to check the climate before booking your visit.


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