I have a longing for summer . with winter being so hard for me with work and travel. Summer gives me a rejuvenating experience for both my mind and the soul. Gazing at the ocean waves and sunbathing is most relaxing for me. I prefer taking an escapade and travel to places to relax and chill. Some beach view and amazing sea adventures are all that I need for a getaway. With what you gather while travel, is more knowledgeable than anything else in the world. I have traveled to many places and have handpicked some of the top ones to guide you the best spot to relax this summer.

The Hawaii :

There is no other place like Hawaii in the world. This place has 6 major islands that offer a blend of luxury, serenity and picturesque views combined to give you an unforgettable memory of this place. The customs, traditions, and culture of Hawaii have hues of everything. Known for the “Bon dance” to the exquisite cuisines Hawaii covers it all. Take a tour to Hawaii with your family or friends or even alone you have it all here. Being a frequent traveler, i always prefer to book my tickets online and have peace of mind while i travel. Cheat code- get your Hawaiian Airline booking from Hawaiian Airlines Phone Number to get exclusive discounts on your flight bookings.

Dubai :

I love to go to Dubai. This place has a diverse culture and a fantastic climate. Ski(indoors) in the desert and shop at the world’s largest shopping mall here and get yourself everything. People here know how to live luxuriously and to pamper themselves. From all leisure activities to choose from, Dubai gives you a  relaxing experience. Standing at the top of the world’s tallest skyscraper to a great leisure time at Dubai 7 star hotel, it has it all. Booking flights have never been this comfortable with flightickets.com.  

Bora Bora:

If you conjure up images, Bora Bora would be a paradise in your mind. This place has the most beautiful sights you have to discover. Surrounded by coral reefs, this place is ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. This getaway shall keep you spellbound. With the best of views, this place deserves a visit with once in awhile with exclusive parties to surprise you!

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