Imagine if all your business agreements were sent to customers written on notes. Everyone who happened to see the note could see accurately what you were going to charge the client, how many of your merchandise the customer is going to order – and all of the data about the customer.
Your competition, easily, could take that information and send a record to that customer of yours that undercharges your project and offers excellent terms. They could also share that data with others to let them know that the customer buys from you. Your customer, too, could see what you are selling other customers.


In this physical world, of course, we don’t do this. We wrap up contracts and we place them in envelopes. We might then put the sealed envelope inside a courier envelope. If we are truly paranoid, we might put them in “tamper-proof” envelopes.

But we don’t have these same protections by default in the online world. Every message you send has historically been split down into many small packets and sent – unprotected – across the Internet. This is the digital equivalent of sending everything on postcards. We need to protect our online business communication.

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