Bio metric technology is defined as the automated machine which is applied to identify the identity of a person based on behavioral characteristics. Bio metrics can give exceptionally secure and helpful verification for a person since they can’t be stolen or overlooked and are extremely hard to fashion. In our daily life, many applications require user authentication like banking, e-commerce and access control to computer resources and it could be a benefit for security.

Bio Metric TechnologyThe overall methods of client validation, which include the utilization of either passwords and client IDs or any recognizable proof cards and PINs (individual distinguishing test numbers), experience the ill effects of a few confinements.

Once the user acquires the user ids and password, then the user has the total access to the computer resources.

 For example: When a user ID and password is shared with a colleague there is no way for the system to know who the actual user is. A similar situation arises when a transaction involving a credit card number is conducted on the Web. Even though the data are sent over the Web using secure encryption methods, current systems are not capable of assuring that the rightful owner of the credit card initiated the transaction. In the modern distributed systems environment, the traditional authentication policy based on a simple combination of user ID and password has become weak. Fortunately, computerized biometrics when all is said in done, and unique finger impression innovation, correctly, can give a great deal more accurate and dependable client confirmation technique. Bio metrics is a quickly propelling field that is worried about recognizing a man given his or her physiological or behavioral qualities. Cases of mechanized bio metrics incorporate unique mark, face, iris, and discourse acknowledgment.

Data Protection

Why we use Bio metric Technology?

Bio metric technology utilizes extraordinary qualities or behavioral attributes, for example, fingerprints and voice acknowledgment, to confirm access to electronic resources.



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