Traveling Is an eternal quest to know more and more. Traveling for me is like knowledge and the more, the merrier, I mean it’s always something new that you discover. Wandering in the wild and experiencing nature in its raw form is not only pleasing and challenging but memorable. I am an explorer myself, and nothing excites me more than nature, which depicts my obvious love of writing and poetry. My father is an army officer, I have traveled to a lot of places. I have traveled to place since I remember and I have always loved it.
solo travelBut while growing up, I realized how much more fun and exciting it is to travel alone and would like to share my views on why traveling alone is something that one must try more often.
I have listed some of the few perks of traveling to a new place solo.

You get to know yourself better

Once out there on the road on your own, you understand the ways to complete a given work or task.  Traveling exposes you to raw experiences where you get to know the person inside you. Once you are on your own, you will discover the Importance of listening to your heart and how ecstatic shall it be. You will feel better, focus better and live better. It is this as a discovery that defines your path for your life- the reason for your being.

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You Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

women solo travel tipsWhen you end up solo at an unknown place, the fact that you are on your own makes you want to get up and complete your work. Being away from that comfortable bubble and challenge you in all different ways testing your patience. Once you step out, It is a beautiful world out there that you would be happy to explore.


Ha! The best part about traveling solo is that is cheap and saves you so much more. It helps you keep up with your budget and be the one who decides what’s next. Saves you up a lot of money and that is a happy thing!

New place, New friends

Being a solo explorer and traveler makes it easier to interact with locals and make some new bonds and ties. You definitely shall love and like to do it. Exploring the new culture and tradition of a place is one of the reasons for that makes it intriguing for you further.

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