I like seeing a beach ball on a beach or in a stadium during a baseball game or concert and the only place I least like it is to see a beach ball on my aging MacBook Pro. If your Mac has become slow and is very frustrating, I have many ways you can speed it up again altogether.

Before engaging into any maintenance, I would urge you to take some caution and backup all your data. Easy way: grab an external drive and save everything in it. Now begins the actual process. Also check your Apple serial lookup or apple warranty check status, if your product under warranty then visit official support by brands if Its not, you can try third party services to tune up your device. It helps you to save money, I took tune

1. Replace the Mac hard drive with an SSD

Move from a traditional spinning hard drive to a solid-state drive. It is the single best thing you can do to improve the performance of your aging MacBook.
Also try to upgrade your MacBook to an SSD.

2. Add extra memory now i.e. RAM

Open your MacBook and replace its hard drive. It is very simple just add additional memory to it.
Find the right RAM for your MacBook to install new memory.

3. Clean Mac’s hard drive on your own

Your MacBook sometimes need a data clean-up. Your Mac clusters with files and applications that you no longer use or need at all Uninstall old apps to free up some space.
Firstly, to begin with, Applications and Downloads folders is the place where you can find some old folders that are of no use. Move them to the Bin and reclaim some hard-drive space for yourself.

4. Reduce all the login items completely

If your Mac is slow for boot up, the problem might be that there are too many applications to open at startup altogether. There is a possibility that default on your systems launches them. There are few ways to remove it.

Visit System Preferences, then go to Users & Groups. Click on the Login Items tab, and you shall see a list of apps that open when you try to boot your Mac.
Highlight the ones you don’t want or need and get rid of them.

5. Keep updated with current OS X.

Apple releases of the new versions of OS X and always keep updated. New versions of OS X contain performance enhancements and security improvements to keep your Mac running smoothly and safely. Get connected to experts for a step by step guidance and assistance regarding the installation or setup of new updates at Apple Repair Center. Get thorough guidance and easily and conveniently get updated and enhance faster and better on your Mac devices.




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